How Do I Get the CDCA to Come to My School?

The CDCA is always interested in an invitation to test at a dental or dental hygiene school. In order to familiarize you with the CDCA and the benefits of testing with us, we have provided some information below.

Why choose the ADEX exam?

Almost every state requires dental candidates to challenge and pass a licensure examination in order to apply for their dental or dental hygiene license. However, not all licensure exams are accepted in every state. When choosing which organization to take your examination with, dental and dental hygiene candidates must consider where they would like to practice and inquire from that/those state dental board(s) which exams or routes to licensure are accepted. The CDCA is the largest national licensure testing agency administering ADEX dental and dental hygiene examinations, which are the most widely accepted licensure exams across the U.S. from Arizona to Maine and Florida to Hawaii.

Benefits of testing with the CDCA

Most widely accepted exam across the U.S.
The CDCA administered ADEX dental and dental hygiene exams are accepted in 49 jurisdictions across the U.S. and Jamaica.

Online application and scheduling process
Our easy online application and scheduling process allows you to quickly find and register for the exams you want.

Dedicated candidate services team
Our dedicated candidate services team will ensure that you are registered and prepared for your exam. They will also answer any questions that you might have about the examination process.

Exam process preparation materials
The CDCA provides all candidates access to online exam process preparation materials including a candidate manual and orientation (preparation materials do not include example exam questions). Dental candidates are also given an onsite candidate orientation, typically the day before the exam, and dental hygiene candidates are offered their orientation online prior to their exams.

Psychometrically sound exam
All CDCA administered ADEX examinations are psychometrically tested by a third party psychometrician for consistently reliable and valid exams.

Flexible scheduling
The CDCA is happy to work with schools to determine the best dates to schedule an exam whether it be during the week or weekend.

How to get the CDCA to come to your school

Talk to your faculty members. Ask them to consider inviting the CDCA to administer the ADEX exam at your school. It may be helpful to find other students who are interested in taking the CDCA administered ADEX examination and make a group request. Please note that the CDCA does not charge any administrative fees to a host school for the administration of the ADEX exam.

For additional information on the CDCA, please reach out to the CDCA School Liaison, Shayna Overfelt, at or CDCA CEO, Alex Vandiver, at