Dental Auxiliary Exam Information

EFDA Examination

The Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary competency assessment consists of a patient simulated clinical examination and a computer based written examination.

The patient simulated – Auxiliary Restorative Examination (ARE) is scheduled at a clinical examination site, and consists of the restoration of three prepared teeth (anterior composite, posterior composite, posterior amalgam) on a typodont.

The Auxiliary Computer Examination (ACE) examination is administered at PSI testing centers, and can be taken anytime for up to one year after applying for the exam. Details about the written exam can be found at

A minimum score of 75 is required to pass each examination. For more extensive information please see the Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary Candidate Manual.

The overall Exam Fee is $695 and includes the Auxiliary Computer Examination (ACE)  and the Auxiliary Restorative Examination (ARE). There may be an additional facility fee for the patient simulated exam. Please make sure to check the site information sheet. For more details on fees, please click here. To Register/Apply, please click here. To view the upcoming Exam Schedule and site information sheet, please click here.

Ohio Application Information

In order to be eligible for the examination, one of the following criteria must apply:

  1. Graduate of an accredited educational (Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary) program that complies with standards set forth in the Ohio Administrative Code, Section 4715-11, EFDA Guidelines.
  2. Unlicensed dentist who has graduated from an accredited dental college and does not have a dental license under suspension or revocation by the boards;
  3. Dental student who is enrolled in an accredited dental college and is considered by the dean of the dental school to be in good standing as a dental student;
  4. Graduate of an unaccredited dental college located outside the United States;
  5. Dental assistant who is certified by the Dental Assisting National Board, or the Ohio Commission on Dental Assistant Certification;
  6. Licensed dental hygienist whose license is in good standing; or
  7. Unlicensed dental hygienist who has graduated from an accredited dental hygiene program, and does not have a dental hygiene license under suspension or revocation by the board.