Dental (ADEX)

The ADEX examination series consists of computer simulations and clinical examinations performed on patients and manikins. There are five skill-specific components including a high-fidelity computerized OSCE:

The ADEX examination is offered in a traditional format or patient-centered curriculum-based format (CIF). For more extensive information please download the Candidate Manual. Candidates should contact the jurisdiction in which they wish to practice to confirm all requirements for licensure in that jurisdiction.

International Graduates
Internationally-trained candidates (other than a Canadian graduate) wishing to sit for the ADEX dental examination series administered by CDCA must first contact the state where they wish to practice to verify eligibility. Click here for additional information.

Examination Fees: Dental (ADEX)
Full ADEX Dental Examination (Endo, Prosth, Class II, Class III and OSCE) optional periodontal**$2,560*
Periodontal Typodont Rental Fee $200**
Endodontics and/or Prosthodontics (Partial or Retake)$1,125
Patient-Based Periodontics and/or Restorative (Partial or Retake)$1,125
DSE OSCE (Retake)$400
*Includes a single clinical retake. Only applies to payments received after July 1, 2022.
Additional Services & Fees:
Facility Fee (varies by exam site)Refer to Facility Fee & Information Sheet
Late Registration Fee (non-refundable)$500 (non-refundable)
Processing Fee (Withdrawals/deferrals post-deadline) $100 (non-refundable)
Score Report$35 (per address)
Score Certification$50
Exam Appeal$400
Florida Laws and Rules $135
Sedation/Anesthesia Competency Assessments $495
Important: Candidates are responsible for following COVID-19 guidelines imposed by local and federal governments from the State (s) they are scheduled to test. Exam dates are subject to change due to local conditions.

Candidates are encouraged to visit our COVID-19 page for additional information.

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NOTE: A closed site is available to current graduates only. Please do not contact the school directly as they cannot make exceptions and do not have access to CDCA's registration system.