Dental Exam Orientation

Candidate Orientation – Endo/Prosth

2019 Candidate Orientation - Endodontic and Fixed Prosthodontic Examination

2019 Endodontic and Fixed Prosthodontic Examination

Candidate Orientation – Perio/Restor

Candidate Orientation

2019 Restorative and Periodontal Examinations

Orientation Videos

ADEX Exam in Dentistry: Getting Ready

ADEX Exam in Dentistry: Restorative Exam

ADEX Exam in Dentistry: Periodontal Exam

These presentations are designed to provide a preview of the content and flow of the ADEX Restorative and Periodontal Examinations. The treatment, patient and candidate depicted here are simulated for purposed of demonstration. However, candidates are reminded that clinic rules, including infection control protocols, must be followed.