Dental Hygiene Exam Orientation

Candidate Orientation – Dental Hygiene Exam (ADEX)

2019 Candidate Orientation - Dental Hygiene Examination

2019 Dental Hygiene Examination

Case Selection Presentation

In this presentation we will discuss case selection for the 2019 CDCA administered ADEX Dental Hygiene Examination. We are excited to offer our dental hygiene candidates these additional resources.

A Walk Through the ADEX Dental Hygiene Examination Day

This video takes you through the exam day process from beginning to end.

Quick review – Individual clips of each section

Candidate Registration

This video demonstrates the candidate registration process.

Enter the Clinic Floor

The video demonstrates the candidate entering the clinic floor and preparing to meet with the CFE.
(length:2mins 23secs)

Pretreatment Check-in

This video demonstrates the candidate during the pre-treatment check-in process with the DSM and pre-treatment evaluation of the patient.
(length:2mins 28secs)

Operatory Set-up

This video demonstrates the operatory set up process.

Patient Treatment

This video demonstrates the candidate during treatment and post treatment meeting with the DSM.
(length:2mins 46secs)

Patient Evaluation

This video demonstrates the post-treatment evaluation of the patient and the candidates post-treatment check-out process.
(length:2mins 41secs)

Candidate Interview

My exam day experience was…
(length:2mins 26secs)