Exam Registration Instructions


To register for a CDCA Exam, click here and start an online profile. Click on “Fill out a basic profile.” (Do this even if you have taken a CDCA exam before, using a paper application.) Fill in the information required.


For candidates seeking licensure (in the United States ONLY) – The Social Security # is not mandatory for the exams, but US State boards require a Social Security Number to be associated with your results to issue you a license. You can add your Social Security Number to your profile after you take your exams, but it is advised that you add it beforehand. Do not enter a Tax ID number or any number other than a USA Social Security number in this field.


Do not parenthesize parts of your name, such as “Mary (Smith) Jones” or “Amelia (Amy) Jones.” Your name must appear as it does on your IDs and credit cards. If your name does not match, it could result in your being refused access to testing sites and Prometric testing centers to take your exam and the forfeit of the fee you paid for that exam. It is your responsibility to be sure your ID and account names match exactly.


The CDCA recommends that candidates use their personal emails for exam registration, as candidates often do not have access to their school emails after they have graduated. The email address you enter will become your username to login to your profile and will be used to communicate your site assignment and notify you when results have been released. Be sure to double check your email address before completing your profile.


Choose a secure password that you can easily remember. When complete click the Registration button.

The next page that is displayed is the one you will see each time you login to your profile. The Dashboard tab is displayed by default.


You will be prompted to upload a photo in which you are wearing professional attire or clinically-acceptable scrubs. A current passport-quality photo (with a solid background) is required. Photos may not contain anything that would allow you to be identified: no names, nothing that indicates your school of graduation. All photos will be reviewed by CDCA and may be rejected if they are not found to be acceptable for identification purposes. Submitting an unacceptable photo will delay your registration, as this photo will be printed on your ID badge for wear at all times during the exam.

  1. Photos must be in one of the following formats: JPG/JPEG, GIF, or PNG. No other file formats are acceptable for photo purposes.
  2. Photos must be square and have a minimal resolution of 200 x 200 and a maximum resolution of 500 x 500.
  3. Photos must be a front-facing head shot, in the format that would be used for a passport.
  4. Photos must be of just yourself; please, no group photos. Do not scan your driver’s license or other photo ID.
  5. Photos may not contain any distinguishable information about you, e.g., your name, school of graduation, etc.


Candidates must submit required documents indicating that they are qualified to participate in the ADEX exam series. Depending on your status—still in school, graduated, in a post-graduate program, internationally trained, already practicing, or any other status—there are required documents that must be verified as part of the online profile creation process. Please read through the following requirements carefully to ensure that you upload the correct documents.

1. Candidates who have graduated from a CODA or CDAC school: a copy of your diploma or a copy of your transcript is required. If neither a copy of your diploma or a copy of your transcript is available, a letter from your school (on official school letterhead) confirming graduation is required.

2. Candidates who have not yet graduated: If the CDCA does not currently administer an exam at your school of record, a letter from the school on official letterhead confirming that you are authorized to participate in a clinical exam, as well as your expected graduation date, is required.

3. Candidates with an undergraduate dental degree from a non-U.S. or Canadian educational program must be authorized to take the examination by at least one state or jurisdiction that accepts the results of the ADEX examination as an initial licensure exam in that jurisdiction. Therefore, graduates of international dental programs must contact the jurisdiction in which they are seeking licensure and have that state draft a letter (on its official letterhead) in writing to indicate that the candidate is authorized to attempt the licensure exam in order to apply for licensure in that state only. Results are sent to that individual state only. Internationally—trained candidates do NOT receive “ADEX Status.”

You may only upload ONE file, so ensure that all pages are combined into a single PDF file.


This is required only if the name on your proof of graduation is different from the name you are registering under.

  1.  Acceptable as proof of name change (as applies): a copy of a marriage license or certificate, a copy of a divorce decree, or a copy of court papers reflecting a legal name change.
  2. Unacceptable as proof of name change: driver’s license, passport, Social Security card, credit card, CPR card, student ID, other forms of ID.

These may be in the following formats: JPG, GIF, PNG, or PDF. (BMP and TIFF are acceptable but discouraged.) No other file formats are acceptable. Please do not ZIP files. They can be scanned copies or clear digital photographs. Please do not fax, email or mail documents to the CDCA Central Office; it is your responsibility to upload these to your profile. This must be done even if you applied for an exam in the past, using a paper application. (Once this is uploaded to your profile, it will remain there and make it easier for you to register for any exams in the future.)


All requests are reviewed by the CDCA Director of Examinations and are subject to approval. A doctor’s note on his/her official letterhead (or with official stamp) that explains the candidate’s condition and what accommodations are requested must be uploaded to the candidate’s online profile. Contact us to indicate that you are requesting special accommodations and that you have uploaded the documentation to your profile. Include your full name in your email for faster processing. Without a doctor’s request for accommodations, your request will not be reviewed by the Director of Examinations, which means that your request will be automatically denied. You must submit a new request for each exam you register for. Do not contact Prometric to schedule an appointment before you receive a final response from CDCA regarding your accommodation request.


Candidates enrolled in a post-graduate program or residency may upload a Post Grad Certificate, which is documentation that indicates their enrollment in an ADA/CODA or CDAC graduate program. Internationally-trained candidates may upload their post-graduate program enrollment documentation, but their eligibility to challenge the exam is based on the approval of a licensing jurisdiction.

Candidates for Dental Hygiene, Local Anesthesia, or Nitrous Oxide exams should disregard the Post Grad Certificate section.


Once you have completed uploading the appropriate documentation and appropriate professional photo, your profile will enter the verification process, and a qualified CDCA staff member (or, if you are taking the exam at a CIF or closed site, your CDCA school coordinator) will review the documents and your photo to ensure that they are completed correctly. If any questions arise in the process, you will be contacted via email. The verification process usually takes 2-3 business days if your profile is being reviewed by a qualified CDCA staff member.

After your profile and graduation status are verified, you will be able to click on the “Registration” tab to register for examinations.


For Prometric exams, once your payment has been processed, another email will be sent to you, generally by the next business day. This will inform you that you have been authorized to make your appointment at a Prometric testing center to take the exam. At that time, an Eligibility Number will be visible on your profile, in the “Registration” section. Go to http://www.prometric.com or call the Prometric National Registration Number at 1-800-797-1813, to select a testing center and time, using your Eligibility Number. Separate Eligibility numbers are issued for each exam; if you applied for two different Prometric exams, you will have two different Eligibility Numbers, one for each exam. When registering with Prometric online or via phone select or let the operator know that you are testing for The Commission on Dental Competency Assessments. Do not select any other testing agency (such as the ADA) or your records will not be found and you will not be able to schedule your examination. For more information about Prometric registration procedures, please click here.

For clinical exams, you will be sent information regarding scheduling, site fees, and orientation at a later date. A Facility Fee and Site Information sheet is provided for each school that allows outside candidates registration. Visit your profession’s exam calendar for details.

When you apply online, all correspondence will be via email; nothing will be mailed to you via U.S. Mail. The CDCA no longer issues certificates upon completion of the Dental or Dental Hygiene exams, and it does not and never has issued certificates for completion of the Local Anesthesia or Nitrous Oxide exams. Once your scores are registered on your profile, they are also made available to all CDCA member states so there is no need to request your scores be sent to any of these states unless a state specifies otherwise.

YOUR ONLINE PROFILE will serve as your permanent source for CDCA examination registration. Your documentation only needs to be uploaded one time (with the exception of the disability packet). You will be required to email us for each exam you need special accommodations for. Once your documentation and photo are uploaded, it can only be removed with your authorization. Changes can be made by contacting the CDCA Central Office. Should an exam retake be necessary, you may log in to your profile and register again without submitting further documentation. Do not create another profile. This also applies if you ever need to take any other exam in the future through CDCA.