Profile Questions

Please provide us with an email that you check regularly. We do not share your email address with anyone. We suggest that you do not use a school email address as you may lose access to it after you graduate and at times our emails are blocked by school firewalls. We also recommend candidates do not use AOL email addresses, as AOL frequently blocks our email.

Yes. Simply leave them blank, and do not enter anything else. Social Security Numbers and DENTPINs are not required to take the exam. You will also be able to enter a Social Security Number and/or DENTPIN when you have one.

Please do not create a duplicate profile. If you can’t get into your profile, first try the “Reset Password” link on the log-in screen. If that doesn’t work, then contact a team member and we will help you get back into your profile.

A few reasons why your profile hasn’t been verified yet:
  • Have you uploaded a photo? (A photo is mandatory.)
  • If you are still a student, have you put down the correct school and date of graduation?
  • If you have graduated, have you uploaded proof of graduation?
  • If the name on your diploma is different from the name you’re applying under, have you uploaded proof of the name change?

If you can say yes to all of the questions that apply to you and your profile is still not verified, then please contact a team member to inquire about verification.

Normally verification only takes 2-3 business days once all required documentation and photos have been uploaded.

Candidates who are “partially verified” may only take computer based examinations.  If you need to take a clinical examination and your graduation date has passed then you must upload proof of graduation to your profile.

To ensure that your profile is accurate we ask all candidates to personally create profiles and upload relevant documentation.

A candidate whose name has legally changed after creating a profile but before attempting any part of the ADEX examination series must FIRST ensure that all of their IDs reflect their new name. Candidates are required to present two forms of identification (one must be a photo ID) when checking-in to the testing center for any computer-based exam, as well as during candidate registration at either the manikin or patient-based exams. Once the identifications have been changed to reflect the new name, a Name Change Document must be uploaded in the candidate’s online profile. If your profile has already been verified, your profile will require re-verification in order to ensure that the documentation you uploaded is acceptable.
Once the correct documentation is uploaded, you must contact the CDCA (https://www.cdcaexams.org/contact/)to indicate that you are requesting that your name be changed and that you have uploaded the document to your profile.