Registration Questions

Clinical exams are given at certain times of the year and there will be times when there are no sites open for registration. Some sites are also open only to current or former students, and those from outside the school will not be able to register for them. Please consult our Dental Exam Calendar and Dental Hygiene Calendar for the latest information.

Some exam sites are open only to current or former students of the school. This is a decision made by the school administration, not by the CDCA. These sites are called “Closed Sites” and are marked with an asterisk (*) on the website schedules.

Please contact contact a team member and we will assist you in finding a site that is acceptable.

If you want to be placed on a waiting list, contact a team member and we will take your name and alert you if a spot opens.

No one is required to have scheduled or taken the computerized exam by the registration deadline. You are not required to take the exams in any particular order. The only requirement is that all portions be passed within 18 months of starting.