I have legally changed my name, how do I update my account?

A candidate whose name has legally changed after creating a profile but before attempting any part of the ADEX examination series must FIRST ensure that all of their IDs reflect their new name. Candidates are required to present two forms of identification (one must be a photo ID) when checking-in to the testing center for any computer-based exam, as well as during candidate registration at either the manikin or patient-based exams. Once the identifications have been changed to reflect the new name, a Name Change Document must be uploaded in the candidate’s online profile. If your profile has already been verified, your profile will require re-verification in order to ensure that the documentation you uploaded is acceptable.
Once the correct documentation is uploaded, you must contact the CDCA (https://www.cdcaexams.org/contact/)to indicate that you are requesting that your name be changed and that you have uploaded the document to your profile.

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