I want to share a patient with another candidate at the same exam; will that be allowed?

Sharing patients, while not recommended, is permitted. You and the person you are sharing a patient with MUST contact the CDCA or the school coordinator by the registration deadline to request to be placed on opposite schedules. Requests received after the registration deadline will be denied. Once your schedule is confirmed, you must inform the Chief Examiner on the day of your scheduled exam that you are sharing a patient. Each candidate must complete an individual Medical History Form and Patient Consent Form for the patient. The shared patient’s radiographs are evaluated independently for each candidate, so each candidate must have his/her own set of qualifying radiographs in order to attempt the exam. Copying radiographs for use by a second candidate rather than re-taking the radiographs is highly recommended.

Please be advised that depending on total numbers at an exam site there may not be both a morning and afternoon session.

Category: Exam/Re-take Questions

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