Test Prep for Clinical Exams

Candidates for licensure in any of the fields of dentistry served by the CDCA will want to review official materials before examination day. Below, you’ll find access to downloadable manuals about each examination, videos about the ADEX Dental and Dental Hygiene examinations. For information about computerized examinations, see Test Prep for Computerized Examinations.


Check out these videos for “a day in the life” of experience for the Dental and Dental Hygiene ADEX licensure exams. This is also where you’ll find Dental Hygiene Case Selection, Radiograph, and General Examination tips. Miss a webinar? Look here.

Candidate Guide, Dental Hygiene Simulated Patient Examination (MTCE)

ADEX Dental Hygiene Simulated Patient (MTCE) Experience
ADEX Dental Hygiene (PTCE) Patient Exam Experience
ADEX Dental Examination Experience Series

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Orientation & Manuals

Orientation presentations & manuals are imperative in preparation for your examination. They contain examination-specific information concerning specialized registration information, exact criteria you will be scored on, and more. Please note, Dental Hygiene licensure candidates will be asked to attest to watching the orientation presentation available here.

Dental Candidates

Dental Hygiene Candidates

Dental Therapy Candidates

EFDA Candidates

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