Test Prep

Candidates for licensure in any of the fields of dentistry served by the CDCA will want to review official materials before examination day. Below, you’ll find access to downloadable manuals about each examination, videos about the ADEX Dental and Dental Hygiene examinations and can view sample questions you may see on the computer-based examinations.


Dental Hygiene Examination Videos
Dental Examination Videos

Profession Specific Material

Manuals are extremely important to read in preparation for your examination. They contain examination-specific information concerning specialized registration information, exact criteria you will be scored on, and much, much more!

Alternative Item Types


Computer-based exams include traditional multiple-choice questions as well as Alternative Item Types (AITs). AITs include but are not limited to the following:

  • Multiple Response—allows examinees to select multiple answers
  • Hot Spot—requires examinees to click on part of a graphic to answer
  • Drag and drop—requires examinees to click on and drag items to match, sort, rank, or label
  • Fill in the blank—provides a space for examinees to enter a response to the question

AITs are incorporated into the DSE and CSCE examinations in a pilot program at this time. To learn more and see sample questions, read CDCA AIT FAQ.

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