Virtual Annual Meeting, 2021

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Why Attend

Despite how many things have changed because of COVID-19, CDCA realized a long-held goal in 2020, that of becoming the first national examination for dental licensure.

It is with the support of every CDCA member, that we have pivoted into this unique position. While we won’t be gathering in Texas this year, this virtual conference promises to bring you the best content possible to take CDCA into 2021 and beyond.

CDCA’s Virtual Annual Meeting, 2021 provides personal and professional development opportunities to all members, consultants, and committee members.

Attendees will be able to:

  • Learn about the State of the CDCA, in a personal address from Chairman Dr. Harvey Weingarten
  • Participate in key business meetings
  • Elect your representation for 2021
  • Watch as this year’s Guy Shampaine, William Collins Service Award and other honorees receive personal recognition.

What can you expect from this experience?

  • Grow as a member and get re-energized about the new exam season and industry
  • Understand the role you can play in ADEX’s new exam offerings
  • Be heard as a representative of the largest testing agency in the field of the oral professions
  • Gain insight into patient and non-patient based examinations.

By completing all registration questions and indicating interest in supplemental sessions that apply to you, you will only need to register once. Before registering, please visit your Member Resources profile and make sure all information is up to date.

Registering for the meeting with a free zoom account will give you the richest meeting experience possible. If you do not already have one, get a free zoom account here. Meeting links will be sent directly to registrants approximately ONE WEEK before Annual Meeting begins.

Schedule of Events

Tuesday, January 5, 7:30pm ET

New Member Orientation (Supplemental Session)

Wednesday, January 6, 7:30pm ET

Steering Committee (Supplemental Session)

Thursday, January 7, 7:30pm ET

State Board Presidents/VP Meeting (Supplemental Session)

Saturday, January 9, 11:00am ET

General Assembly

Annual Meeting Resources

Registration Questions

What platform is CDCA using for its virtual conference?

Annual Meeting, Educators Conference, and associated events will take place via Zoom. Please use the video ON option, as we will be able to see attendees, and microphone OFF until prompted. Zoom Prerequisites: Join the meeting by the Zoom using your personal computer or other device. You will also be able to join the meeting by phone/call-in/audio only, however, you will NOT be able to participate in State Caucuses if you choose this option. Click here for a tutorial on Zoom to get you familiar with how it works. While not all features mentioned in the video will be enabled, it will show you how to navigate and what to expect.

Will I need to register?

Yes. All attendees and speakers will need to register. You will register first for General Session. The information provided will be used to indicate interest in supplemental sessions as well.  Upon registration approval for General Session, you will receive a meeting link. Registration links for supplemental sessions will come to you after December 15th. Each session will require registration and will have its own unique meeting link. CDCA cannot register attendees.

Invitations are intended for the member/recipient only and are not to be forwarded. All incoming registrations will be vetted before confirmation messages with join links or supplemental session registrations are sent. It is the responsibility of each member to keep this join link and use the unique link for each session.

As with your invitation, all meeting links will be sent from the CDCA Events email address.

Can I register now?

Yes! Registration is underway! All incoming registrations will be vetted before confirmation messages with join links are sent. Keep this join link and use the unique link.

I am a new member (onboarded after February 2020), are there meetings that I should attend?

Yes! Please note your interest in New Member Orientation when you register for the General Session.

New Member Orientation will take place on January 5 as noted on the Schedule of Events, so mark your calendars! CDCA Events will provide your unique link to this important supplemental session and additional materials about one week before the meeting. During this session, you will get a complete overview of the examination process and much, much more!

I registered for General Session. Why did I get a link to another session?

You may be eligible to participate in more than one event.

Virtual Annual Meeting, 2021 is segmented differently than a traditional face-to-face event (as shown in the Schedule of Events). Sessions tailored to different audiences take place at different times and will require unique links to join. These links are only sent once your registration is confirmed. For example, if you are a new member you will receive a message to register for General Session and indicate your need to attend New Member Orientation (NMO). You will receive a meeting link for General Session upon confirmation and will automatically be registered for NMO. Your NMO meeting link will be sent shortly before the event itself.

All registrants will get a reminder with their unique meeting links the day before the meeting as well. While General Session is open to all members, other sessions are intended for a specific audience.

Similarly, if you are a CDCA member who is also a representative who attends Educators Conference on behalf of your school, you will receive another invitation for Educators Conference sessions (followed by a confirmation and meeting link). Educators Conference will take place Friday, January 8, 2021.

CDCA APP/Voting Questions

Do I need the CDCA Events App for these meetings?

Yes! The CDCA Events App is an important tool you’ll need as you head into the Virtual Annual Meeting and Educators Conference, 2021. We will share meeting documents, committee reports, and speaker profiles.

It is never too early to download the app! The CDCA Events App is available for Apple and Android phones. If you have not already done so, go to the AppStore or GooglePlay and search CDCA Events. If you have registered to attend the meetings, you’ll be notified when the 2021 information is posted. First-time users can log in using their CDCA or registered email address and password, cdca2018.

If you need help, please email us at

How Do I Vote?

Voting instructions will be provided in the coming weeks, stay tuned.

Virtual Meeting Sessions Questions

Will there be Chiefs & Captains meetings this year?

Yes, however, Virtual Annual Meeting, 2021 will focus on the organizational business of the CDCA. Within this framework, you will find valuable information regardless of your role in an examination.

Up-to-date Standardizations, CDCA-produced exam-related webinars, supportive checklists and many more key resources exist within Member Resources to help ensure all Chiefs, Captains, CFEs, et all have on-demand access to any training necessary.

We know that sessions such as the Chiefs & Captains meetings that usually take place at the Annual Meeting are of great interactive benefit based on feedback from past attendees. We look forward to sharing details concerning plans to hold this meeting virtually, very soon.

Will CEs be available as part of Annual Meeting and Educators Conference, 2021?

Not this year. To deliver a concise program, Continuing Education credits planned for this year’s event will instead be presented in 2022. We believe that in-person delivery of this content is the most robust option whenever possible. If you are interested in becoming a CE speaker at a future Annual Meeting/Educators Conference, please let us know.

Will State Caucuses take place this year?

Yes. State Caucuses will take place during the Annual Meeting, General Assembly. When it is time to begin this agenda item, you will be prompted to select your join a breakout room for your state. Click the blue Join oval. You will automatically be returned to the main meeting when the caucus meeting has ended.

During your caucus, you may be asked to discuss current events in your jurisdiction. You will also be tasked with selecting representation to the 2021 Steering Committee. For details regarding eligibility and requirements for these positions, please see the CDCA Events App.

Caucus will be easy, here’s a preview of what it will look like.

Note: if you have only joined via audio you will not be able to move into a Caucus.

Will the Annual Meeting sessions be recorded for viewing on-demand?

As essential business requires a quorum of membership be present, Virtual Annual Meeting, 2021 will be presented as a live event.  Real-time participation is vital for the election of officers and the delivery of key reports.

General/Other Questions

I have more questions, who can I contact?

The best way to reach out to us is via the Contact Us portal on the CDCA website. Please identify yourself as an Examiner or Educator, then chose “I have a question about” and from the drop-down box select “…Annual Meeting” or “…Educators Conference.”

How can I update my information (email/address/etc.) with CDCA?

To update your CDCA profile, visit Member Resources.

In the “My Tools” section on the right, click on “My Profile” to access your information. You can change your physical address, email address, update/add your photo, add your AGD# and much more.

If you are attending Educator’s Conference and wish to update information regarding your school, please email us at

How will award recipients be recognized?

We look forward to honoring your service this year as part of the Virtual event! All related tangible awards/certificates will be shipped to recipients after the slated events of the Virtual Annual Meeting, 2021.

By participating in the CDCA’s 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting, you agree to comply with this policy. Please review this carefully.

The Goal of the Annual Meeting
The CDCA’s Annual Meeting brings together oral health professionals and other participants to share the latest research and information. The Annual Meeting is also essential to the CDCA’s governance. The Annual Meeting allows us to interact with our peers, colleagues, and friends in various ways. For many of us, it’s the highlight of the CDCA calendar. And we have fun.

Personal Conduct
Our Virtual Annual Meeting this year will, by necessity, be different from our past meetings. We all share the goal of having a productive, efficient, and informative Virtual Annual Meeting. In order to do that, each of us should:
  • Be respectful of our colleagues during the meeting. This includes during any chats, questions, or comments.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Be aware that on Zoom presentations, everyone’s a potential star. There’s no hiding in the back of the ballroom.
  • Remain on mute unless recognized to speak.
  • Avoid distractions in our background.
  • Understand the App used for voting and be comfortable using it.

Use of Technology
You also agree:
  • Not to post on or otherwise use CDCA’s online platforms for offensive, incendiary, or defamatory material of any kind.
  • Not to post or disclose anyone’s personal information.
  • Not to use CDCA’s online platforms for self-promotion, advertising, or any other commercial messages.
  • Not to violate the intellectual property rights of any third party.
  • Not to send spam or any other form of junk e-mail to anyone.
  • Not to hack into another’s account.
  • Not to share your password or other login information.
  • Not to violate any applicable confidentiality agreements, law, rule, or regulation.

Media and Recording Policy
As with past meetings, the CDCA may record the Virtual Annual Meeting. No part of the meeting will be made available outside of a session. By attending the Virtual Annual Meeting, you consent to being recorded during and in connection with the Virtual Annual Meeting. You also consent to the use or publication of those recordings and to the CDCA’s use of your name and likeness in those recordings.

Confidential CDCA information may be discussed during the Virtual Annual Meeting. As a result, you may not record or stream individual sessions, including livestreaming on any media platforms such as Zoom, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Anyone violating this policy will be removed from the session immediately. CDCA reserves the right to ban violators from attending future meetings.

Information from Presenters
Of course, except for official CDCA information such as our budget, the opinions, statements, presentations, data, images, videos, documents and other information expressed or otherwise shared by presenters or other participants at the Virtual Annual Meeting are for informational purposes only.

Zoom Meeting (by Registration Only)

11:00am-4:00pm ET


1. Call to Order Dr. Harvey Weingarten
2. Introduction of New Member States State Roll Call
3. Approval of Agenda
4. Approval of Minutes, Nashville, TN Mary Johnston, RDH
5. State of the CDCA Dr. Harvey Weingarten
6. Wm Collins Awards Presentation
7. Emeritus Requests
8. Chairman’s Citation Dr. Harvey Weingarten
9. Nominations Committee Report Dr. Mina Paul
10. Election of Officers Dr. Harvey Weingarten
11. Committee Reports
Finance Committee Dr. Jim Jansen
Steering Committee Dr. Mark Armstrong
Assignments Committee Dr. Ron Moser
12. In Memoriam Mary Johnston, RDH
14. Call to Order Dr. Harvey Weingarten
15. Director of Examinations Report Dr. Ellis Hall/Dr. Stuart Blumenthal
16. Candidate Speeches (as necessary)
17. State Caucuses Shayna Overfelt
18. Call to Order Dr. Harvey Weingarten
19. Vote for elected offices (as necessary) Dr. Harvey Weingarten
20. 2021 Guy Shampaine Award Dr. David Hedstrom
21. Departing Board Service Awards Michelle Gallant, RDH Dr. Daniel Nunley
22. Old/New Business Dr. Harvey Weingarten
23. Open Floor
24. Adjourn/2022 Dr. Harvey Weingarten