The CDCA is thrilled to open nominations for the 2017 Guy Shampaine Award!

The Guy Shampaine Award annually recognizes a CDCA member whose outstanding efforts on behalf of the CDCA embody our values of service, dedication, and integrity; This award was created in honor of Dr. Guy Shampaine, an exemplary CDCA member whose many contributions include significant service as a CDCA dental examination chief, and outstanding leadership service to the CDCA Board of Directors, culminating with four years as its Chairman from 2011-2015.

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An informative article on the CDCA administered ADEX Patient Centered CIF exam, written by Drs. Dave Perkins and Ellis Hall, was recently featured in the Florida Dental Association’s magazine Today’s FDA. To read the article, please click here.


The CDCA now administers the Expanded Function Auxiliary Competency Assessment in Ohio. To find out more about upcoming exams, click here.

The NERB is now The Commission on Dental Competency Assessments

We are excited to announce our new name, The Commission on Dental Competency Assessments (CDCA). While our name, logo, web address and email addresses have changed, please note that the same commitment to testing excellence and quality remains. Additionally, past, present and future statutory and legal references to the NERB remain viable and synonymous with the CDCA.

How We Became the CDCA

In 1968 there were 53 different licensure exams for US states and jurisdictions.

In 1969, the North East Regional Board of Dental Examiners (NERB) was founded to facilitate the licensure examination process for candidates and eliminate the need for repetition of state board clinical examinations.

The NERB quickly expanded from its original 8 member states/jurisdictions, eventually growing to include 24 member states/jurisdictions. In 2014, member states stretched from Maine to Hawaii, Oregon to Florida and Wisconsin to Mississippi.

As a nonprofit, independent corporation, comprised of a consortium of member dental boards, the NERB sought to rename itself with a new name that more aptly reflected all of its members and its ongoing mission to further establish common examination standards, as well as the diversity of the types of assessments we offer state dental boards.

On January 9th, 2015 the NERB became The Commission on Dental Competency Assessments.

Today, The Commission on Dental Competency Assessments administered clinical examinations are accepted in 46 different US states/jurisdictions and Jamaica. The CDCA develops, administers, scores, and reports the results of its examinations in Dentistry and Dental Hygiene.

The CDCA remains committed to serving boards of dentistry by designing and administering assessments that are based on sound principles of testing and measurement. The CDCA is pledged to excellence, integrity and fairness and strives to be a preeminent resource in the development, innovation and administration of competency assessments for the oral health professions.

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