COVID-19 Announcements

Prometric Updates Masking Policy

(Release Date 4/21/22)

Be advised of the following update from our computerized examination delivery partner, Prometric:

(As of) May 1, 2022, Prometric will no longer require candidates or test center personnel to wear masks unless required to do so by building management or local government mandates. In light of recent trends and mask mandate changes around the world, along with updated guidance from leading world health organizations, Prometric will not require masks to be worn in test centers, however, we will continue to allow and encourage the wearing of masks regardless of mandate or vaccination status. Thus, any candidate or staff member that prefers to wear a mask will feel comfortable doing so. We will also always follow the guidance of local government and health officials, so when masks are mandated in a market, Prometric will continue to follow that guidance in test centers as well.

At the same time we lift our mask mandate, we will update our test center policy regarding candidate attestations on COVID exposure. That means, if a candidate has tested positive for COVID or reports exposure to someone who has COVID, we will ask that they wait 5 days and are symptom-free prior to testing. We will continue to have COVID attestation signage with this policy posted in all Prometric test centers for candidates to read prior to check-in, as well as online at 

Candidates are reminded to be aware of parameters in place for clinic based examinations as instituted by the host school. Please check site information sheets as needed.

Prometric Updates COVID Policies

(Release Date 9/21/21)

Be advised of the following update from our computerized examination delivery partner, Prometric:

A number of government guidelines and regional mandates are beginning to require candidates to present PROOF OF VACCINATION at check-in in order to test. As of today, this only affects a small number of sites and candidates.

...Prometric will continue to comply with regional and local/government guidance and mandates, so anywhere proof of vaccination is required we will work with you to make every effort to inform and educate candidates in advance.

Candidates are encouraged to visit the Prometric website for a list of sites requiring proof of vaccination.

ADEX Reinstates 18-month Rule

(Release Date 8/19/21)

Due to the successful incorporation of measures necessary to safely provide dental care to patients during the pandemic, and with dentistry returning to regular patient care, ADEX has decided to put an end to the emergency rule suspending the 18-month timeline for completing a single examination series. Effective July 1, 2021, ADEX has reinstated the 18-month rule. Candidates will have 18 months to successfully complete the ADEX dental exam series. That 18 months will begin on the date of the first exam challenged or July 1st of their senior (final) year, whichever occurs last. If a candidate does not successfully complete the ADEX dental exam series within that period, that candidate must re-take all parts of the examination, including any computer-based portions.

However, any candidate who was in the process of completing the ADEX series between March 2020 and June 2021 will have until December 31, 2022, to complete the remaining parts of their examination in order to achieve “ADEX Status”.

Candidates are encouraged to contact their state dental board to clarify that the timing of their exam is acceptable with that state’s licensure requirements. State dental boards make determinations for all licensure requirements. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Prometric Updates Masking Requirements

(Release Date 8/17/21)

CDCA-WREB candidates are advised to monitor updates from Prometric, our computerized examination delivery partner for changes in masking requirements.

In an announcement received today, Prometric shared its plans to pause its mask rollback. The statement reads in part,

“In looking to launch the second phase of evolving test center policies, Prometric originally announced we would no longer require fully vaccinated individuals to wear masks in our global test centers, starting September 1, 2021. However, with recent updated guidance and data from the WHO and CDC, Prometric is pausing our mask rollback efforts and will continue to mandate everyone wear masks at our global test centers for the foreseeable future.

The only exception to our mask mandate rule at this time will be at sites on state universities in states where executive orders prohibit government agencies and institutions of higher education from mandating face coverings or restricting activities on their respective properties in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Candidates will still be allowed to wear masks according to their comfort level at these sites, but masks will not be mandatory. If a country prohibits private businesses from enforcing mask mandates on government property, Prometric will adhere to such orders and masks will be encouraged but not mandatory. At this time, Prometric is not aware of any orders prohibiting masks other than those state-specific orders regarding state property identified above. All candidate resources on will be updated this week to ensure candidates know what to expect.

Please note that Prometric will still move forward with the other portion of phase two starting September 1, 2021, which states we will no longer accept IDs that are more than 90 days expired. We will continue to accept ID that have expired within 90 days of the exam date for the interim.”

Click here to view additional COVID information on Prometric’s website.

Message to Candidates from CDCA

(Release Date 7/29/21)

CDCA continues our commitment to ensure that all examinations are carried out in a safe environment. We continually monitor CDC Guidelines and follow up-to-date health and safety regulations.

For candidates who will be traveling to an exam site, we recommend you stay informed of applicable travel advisories or precautions, as well as the school’s requirements for participation. Candidates are also advised to refer to the examination calendar for links to school-related updates that are posted as they are received.

CDCA will continue to share up-to-date information regarding acceptance of manikin-based examinations via our interactive ADEX Acceptance & Portability Map tool. As a reminder, State laws and board rules can and do change from time to time. Therefore, prior to registering for any exam, candidates should check with the appropriate state board to verify current licensing requirements.

Should you have any questions, we invite you to submit them to our candidate services team through the Contact Us feature on our website.

Prometric Operations UPDATE

(Release Date 7/15/21)

Today, Prometric shared with CDCA plans to adjust procedures in place in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please review the official statement below with respect to your scheduled examination date:

Evolving Our Test Center Operations

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Prometric has been following the advice of leading health organizations around the world, including the CDC and WHO, as well as guidance from Johns Hopkins University (JHU) epidemiologists and other third-party experts, when adapting our test center policies and training in light of COVID-19. Our work has been and will continue to be designed to elevate our testing center procedures to ensure both staff and candidates are safe.

As things continue to evolve around the globe, our teams continue to closely monitor guidelines and make decisions that align to new learnings and to our continued safety efforts. With vaccines more readily available in various parts of the world and spikes in cases occurring less frequently in whole geographies, many governments have made the decision to roll back various COVID-19 mandates and empowered businesses to do the same. In alignment with these changes, ongoing learnings, and updates from experts, Prometric has made the decision to evolve our current test center operations to better align with the new normal.

The next evolution of operations will follow a phased approach, in which we will return to or amend standard operating procedures that were in practice prior to the pandemic or were created as a result of the pandemic. Should government guidance regress and become more restrictive, Prometric will align with the restrictions to ensure the health of candidates and test center staff.

PHASE I – AUGUST 2, 2021

Phase 1 has an expected implementation date of August 2, 2021. Our Channel Resumption Team (CRT) is developing and deploying global training to ensure this date is achieved. The first phase is focused on touchpoints; based on our engagements with JHU and data from the CDC and WHO, COVID-19 transmission via touch is exceptionally rare. As a result, this will be our first action.

Please note that we will continue to abide by government restrictions, where applicable.

Phase 1 will include Prometric adding the following procedures to our permanent standard operating procedures:

  • Providing hand sanitizer for test takers and staff. This is increasingly common in public venues, as it helps reduce spread of everyday illness and provides peace of mind to those who wish to clean their hands.
  • Retaining virtual walkthroughs. We’ve observed tremendous success with catching cheaters and secret shoppers through this process. Physical walkthroughs will return, with the virtual walkthroughs continuing to be cycled with this process.
  • Posting test center regulations (TCR) on the wall in high traffic areas of test centers. This will replace handing them out individually to candidates.
  • No longer recording the last 4-digits of ID#s presented on candidate sign-in logs. We will continue to record the type of ID presented and the expiration date. Recording even partial ID #s has become more sensitive as global data protection laws become more restrictive.
  • Empowering Prometric staff to enter check-in and check-out time for candidates exiting the testing lab. This will replace capturing candidate signatures during breaks. This will increase candidate satisfaction since they won’t have to stop and sign-in / out during breaks, while still capturing the most important information.  

Additionally, we will re-implement various standard procedures (where allowed) during Phase 1, resulting in the following updates to our test center operations:

  • Cleaning test centers at close of business, rather than after every exam administered.
  • Not requiring candidates to raise their hands to leave the testing room.
  • Removing social-distancing markers throughout the test center.
  • Reducing distance for candidate photos (for clients that require facial photos).
  • Returning all chairs and/or benches in the test center waiting rooms.
  • Scanning test takers with a handheld metal detection device prior to entering the testing room (with exception of exempt individuals).
  • Reverting to having candidates sign-in at reception and eyeglass check at the security checkpoint.
  • Returning to our three-color locker key tag policy to enforce client-specific locker access policies during an exam.
  • Enabling use of water fountains and water dispensers, where applicable.
  • Removing the requirement for candidate IDs in zip lock bags.
  • Using a single roster for sign-in and sign-out.
  • Returning to the use of note boards and markers, rather than paper and pencils.


Phase 2 of our return to modified test center operations is expected to be implemented September 1, 2021 and will include the following:

  • Mask will no longer be required at Prometric Test Centers for vaccinated individuals, unless required by local government restrictions. Individuals who have not been vaccinated will still be required to wear masks at our test centers. Please note that this will be observed using the honor system, as TCAs will not be responsible for checking a candidate’s vaccination status. Vaccinated test takers and staff that wish to continue to wear a mask may do so.
  • Evolving test center signage to reflect new mask policies and to be more encompassing of best practices for all airborne illnesses, including cold, flu, etc.
  • No longer accepting IDs that are more than 90 days expired. We will continue to accept ID that have expired within 90 days of the exam date for the interim.

Prometric Masking UPDATE

(Release Date 5/21/21)


“In some states, executive orders prohibit government agencies and institutions of higher education, respectively, and their officials from mandating face coverings or restricting activities in response to the COVID-19 disaster.

The mandates apply to those state’s universities, but not to private companies. Prometric’s position is to keep the mask requirement, where allowed, to maintain standardization and safety measures across our network as much as possible. 

As a private company, Prometric will continue to require everyone who comes to one of our global testing centers (that are not connected with state government agencies) to wear an approved face covering for the duration of their time at the location. 

Individuals not in compliance with this policy will not be allowed to sit for their scheduled appointment. We will also continue to maintain social distancing protocols in common areas, where barriers are not provided.

That said, Prometric does operate some sites on state universities in states where these policies have been enacted.  In some instances, those university policies mandate that we must allow the university to drop the mask requirement, which would apply to that particular site.  Candidates will still be allowed to wear masks according to their comfort level at these sites, but masks will not be mandatory.”

Prometric Masking Requirements

(Release Date 3/18/21)

All candidates scheduled for computerized examinations should be advised of the following statement from Prometric regarding masking requirements inside Prometric facilities:

At this time Prometric has a “continued requirement of proper face coverings at our test centers despite that at this point roughly 20 states in the US have rolled back mask mandates and some international mandates. Prometric does not promise candidates or clients that we have additional masks if they forget one. This policy is in accordance with Prometric’s documented Safety Plan and the continuing guidance from leading public health officials that state wearing face coverings, along with other precautions, significantly reduces the risk of coronavirus transmission.”

Advisory to Candidates

(Release Date 2/8/21)

CDCA is actively delivering examinations for the Winter/Spring of 2021. In concert with the many jurisdictions and schools we serve, we highly recommend candidates continue to monitor for any travel advisories or precautions that may impact upcoming examinations.

Candidates are first advised to refer to the examination calendar for school-related updates posted as they are received. The CDCA Candidate Services team will contact any individuals potentially affected by schedule changes.

A Message to Candidates from the CDCA

(Release Date 11/17/2020)

You may have received information regarding COVID-19 advisories and precautions that may impact your school’s clinic or planned examination site.  

As we have since this pandemic began, CDCA will remain in touch with jurisdictions across the US, and with the schools we serve to ensure that all examinations are carried out in a safe environment when it is deemed appropriate to do so.

If you are already scheduled for an exam or are planning to register in the spring, we want to assure you of three things:

  1. Should your in-clinic exam be postponed, your registration will carry over to the date it is next scheduled to take place.
  2. Prometric will assist you in rescheduling any postponed computerized (OSCE) examination.
  3. Most importantly, should you have questions, please visit to submit a questions to our candidate services team.

CDCA will continue to share up to date information regarding acceptance of non-patient based examinations via our interactive ADEX Acceptance & Portability Map tool.

Use of Ultrasonic/High-Speed Instruments

(Release Date (8/10/2020)

Effective September 1, 2020, the CDCA will permit candidates for dental and dental hygiene licensure to utilize high-speed handpieces and/or ultrasonic devices in examination settings with the following provision:

When used while treating a patient, high-speed suction must also be provided by an assistant or by other equivalent processes.

Requirements for high-speed evacuation do not apply when these devices are used in manikin examinations.

To view the entire policy, click here or visit the exam pages.

Additional Seats Available for Computerized OSCE Testing

(Release Date 6/26/2020)

As Prometric, the computerized testing partner of the CDCA, reopens testing locations additional seats are now available to candidates.

Candidates still needing to schedule a DSE OSCE, CSCE OSCE or other computerized examination or seeking to test sooner are encouraged to check the Prometric site often. Availability is first come, first served.

Click here to visit the Prometric schedule.

Notice regarding “Open” sites

(Release Date 5/8/2020)

Candidates registered for examinations at open sites who are not students of that institution are advised to seek guidance on travel that may restrict them from participating. A school currently listed as open site reserves the right to become a closed site during this time of varying state rules and requirements. The CDCA will notify you via email should your tentative registration need to be rescheduled to another exam site.

Testing Seats Open as CDCA Candidates Among Those Considered “Essential”

(Release Date 4/22/2020)

Candidates seeking CDCA administered OSCE examinations for licensure in the oral professions will be granted priority scheduling at Prometric sites through June 1st.

The announcement today by the computerized testing company is a direct result of efforts to identify “essential workforce” professions. The designation helps candidates in identified industries get access to testing in locations where seating is limited due to social distancing measures remaining in place.

A limited number of testing sites will open May 1 for essential testing only. The CDCA advises candidates assigned dates months in the future to again contact Prometric to request essential scheduling.

Prometric Closures Extended Through April 30th

(Release Date 4/10/2020)

Prometric, the computerized testing partner for many ADEX and CDCA developed examinations, announced today an extension of COVID-19 related closures.

The announcement reads in part, “Prometric has closely monitored the ever-changing events associated with the spread of the COVID-19 virus in countries around the world, and has made decisions impacting our site and corporate operations based on ordinances from local, state, and federal governments, as well as recommendations from the CDC and WHO. Early after the situation was officially characterized as a pandemic, we made the difficult but necessary decision to close all Prometric test centers in the U.S. and Canada until April 16th. Based on updated information and after careful consideration, we have decided to extend the closure of test centers in the U.S. and Canada until May 1st.

Impacted candidates should expect an email from Prometric regarding scheduled examinations. Visit Prometric’s Coronavirus page for more information.

Adjusted Exam Schedules Posted

(Release Date 4/1/2020)

Schedules of many examinations delivered by CDCA are impacted by COVID-19. In coordination with institutions, examinations are being rescheduled as possible locally. Schedules are continuously updated and are subject to change. Click below to find your updates if available.

Prometric Suspends Computerized Testing

(Release Date 3/17/20)

Please be advised of the following statement received today from Prometric, our testing partner for the administration of the ADEX DSE/CSCE OSCE, local anesthesia and nitrous oxide examinations:

“Prometric has determined it is necessary and appropriate to close our test centers in the United States and Canada for a period of 30 days, starting today on March 17. This dramatic step is necessary in order to comply with this new federal guidance as well as to further protect the health and well-being of the individual test takers and the staff that provide services at each of our testing locations.  We anticipate re-opening our test centers effective April 16, however, please note that the specific date will be dependent on circumstances that are changing daily.” You may visit Prometric’s Coronavirus page for more information.

There will be no fees for schedule changes directly related to COVID-19.

CDCA will continue to update this page as new information becomes available.

If you have any questions or concerns you may contact us for additional assistance, or contact your school coordinator.

CDCA Suspends School-Based Examinations

(Release Date 3/13/20)

Given the ever-increasing public health risks associated with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) the CDCA will postpone all school-based examinations starting Monday, March 16th until Sunday, April 12th, 2020. This action is aimed at protecting the health and safety of not only candidates and patients, but also the schools we support, staff, and general population. At this time, the schedules of examinations outside of the affected date window will not be impacted unless requested by the schools. The CDCA will continue to monitor developments during this time of rapidly evolving information and will re-assess the resumption of activities if necessary.

It is important to note the administration of the ADEX DSE/CSCE OSCEs, local anesthesia and nitrous oxide examinations takes place at Prometric computer testing sites nationwide and are NOT impacted by this announcement. Candidates are advised to refer to  for information concerning any affected locations. There will be no fees for schedule changes directly related to COVID-19.

The CDCA is committed to serving each of the schools and candidates with exams that are postponed. The CDCA is proud of its flexible policies for candidates which will continue as we work to reschedule each of these exams. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you have any questions or concerns you may contact us for additional assistance, or contact your school coordinator.